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This Is Us

Our mission is simple: to serve the highest quality coffee and homemade ice cream. Through our commitment to best practices in our faith, customer service, employees, and community, we aim to have a positive influence on everyone who walks into Virgil's!

A Family Business

We’re the Rich Family, born and raised in/near Louisville, Ohio! Like many people, we’ve always admired the Juilliard house. After seeing it empty for so long, we often wondered if there was potential for something more.

Virgil’s Coffee House & Creamery was also an idea in the making of our family for a few years. In September of 2022, when the Juilliard house went up for auction, it seemed like a no-brainer to combine these two aspirations into one venture.

We welcome you to Virgil's, where you can see firsthand our commitment to provide you the best coffee, ice cream, and overall experience that we possibly can. 

Quality Products. Great Service.

Ohio Proud

We pride ourselves in serving coffee that is roasted in Columbus, Ohio, offering pastries from local vendors, and creating our own homemade ice cream right at our Louisville location.


If you're also a fan of the great Buckeye state, you'll feel right at home here at Virgil's.

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